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Cover letter for form i-130 and i-485

Sep 04,  · Greetings to all. Can you VJ members have a look at my final Cover Letter for I & I Concurrent filling for my F1- status wife?? I am ready to .

Which country was your parent born? Also what kind of relative does this person have to be?

Filing for a parent concurrently (I-130 and I-485). Need help.

Will younger sister of my parent suffice? How many affidavits are needed? Do they need to be notarized? Do they need to be original not copies I ask because the sister is in a different country.

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Younger sister will suffice. Two affidavits are required, both must be notarized. Only copies will have to be submitted with the application, original required if parent is called for an interview.

Any secondary evidence of birth like school records, church records, etc.

I-130 Packet: Cover Letter Example

Parent was born in BD. Parent has no ties to the home country, both parents of my parent grandparents are deceased, as well as an only i-485 of parent's mom is also deceased, parent's father was only child no aunts and uncles on for side of the fam. Only sister of parent is living abroad not in home country. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns.

Yours sincerely, Print your full name Structure of an I Cover Letter The structure of an I cover letter can be a letter confusing, but we've put together a form guide for you in bullet points, so you can see exactly what you cover to include: Include your current postal address.

I-130 a subject line that notes the full title of and petition "RE: I, Petition for Alien Relative"your full name, and the dissertation analysis of results name of the relative in question.

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Start your letter with a salutation. Note the documents that are included in the package with the I form. Thank the department for their time. Sign-off with your full name, and sign. Form IA for the beneficiary.

Concurrent Filing I 130 And I 485 Cover Letter Sample Cover Letter with I 130 Sample Cover Letter

Form I for the beneficiary, with two photographs included. Form I for the beneficiary. A recent medical exam for the beneficiary. The beneficiary's birth certificate and a certified translation. A copy of the petitioner's birth certificate. A copy of the beneficiary's passport. A copy of our U.

How to Write an I-130 Cover Letter

The beneficiary's divorce decree. The petitioner's I petition and supporting documents. If you happen to have any concerns at all about this application or any of the documents provided, please do not hesitate to contact me at insert phone number. Thank you for your time. Yours sincerely, Sign name Printed full name It's missouri solvents case study that you'll need to include any other information than this in a I cover letter, due to the application as a whole.

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I have no idea where to start on this.

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This is the government authority in your parent's place of birth that is cover letter recent graduate engineer for registering births. My parent also has an old passport which shows my name as an accompanying child. She is currently positioning to immigrate to the United States following a job offer after the last company she worked for was brought out.

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If, at any point, you find yourself stuck for what to say, you could be trying to say too much.

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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns. Ensure that your application is complete before sending. Basically I have no secondary form of birth date proof.

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I have a birth cert that was issued well after my birth recently by the City Corp It's called an extract from registrar of birth which does show my parent's names.